Social Alarm Systems

Stellar are the only company, we believe, who certify against this very important standard. At present this standard is not included in the PSA suite of standards, however end users would be quite impressed with a company supplying this product, who could prove that they were certified against the standard.

Many people who live alone, or who are alone for long periods, choose to have an alarm system so that they can summon assistance should they require it. These systems cover an array of different type of alarms such as:

  • Touch Personal pendants.
  • Carer pendants.
  • Attack Pendants.
  • Wrist worn fall pendants.
  • Bed/Chair sensors.
  • Non-contact bed sensor.
  • Bed mats.
  • Chair mats.
  • Pressure mats.
  • Bed & chair pressure strips.
  • Property exit (for people who leave their homes or leave their doors open).
  • Personal wellbeing (covering sickness).
  • PIR movement detectors.
  • Flood detector.
  • Smoke detector.
  • Carbon Monoxide detector.
  • Gas detector.
  • Personal pager systems.

There are many more, too numerous to mention here.

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