Clients with Multiple Standards

Clients with Multiple Standards.  By this we mean a client that wishes to undergo audits against the standards EN 50131 Alarm Systems Intrusion and Hold Up systems, PSA 12_2006 CCTV and PSA 67: 2021 Access Control or any combination of these three sectors.

When you sign a contract with Stellar, we will  inform the PSA that you are one of our clients.

Stellar’s fees for its auditing & certification service are competitive and we are flexible with payment methods. We can tailor a payment plan to suit your needs. Details are available on request.

You then apply to the PSA for a temporary licence that lasts for a 6 month period. This will allow you to carry out installations without fear of being prosecuted.

The PSA charges for the first two years are, provided you are a new business, €1,000 and thereafter €1,250 per two-year cycle up to and including a turnover of €300,000.

If you are an existing service provider, the charges are €1,250 for each 2 year cycle up to and including a turnover of €300,000.  To get a list of charges for the PSA for turnover exceeding €300,000, please refer to the PSA web site at  At  present all licences within the PSA suite of standards cover a two-year cycle.

On completion of a system installation, you must give your client a certificate of compliance which states that the system has been fitted in accordance with the relevant Standard.  These are available on line from Stellar and will cost you €1.50 each plus VAT. Your first 10 Commissioning Certificates are provided free of charge.

Stellar  will provide you with  suggested paperwork that may be of some help to you in preparing for your audit.  Any other queries please call us and a trained member of staff will guide you through the whole process from start to finish.

Within the life of your temporary licence (6months) Stellar will do an audit which will comprise of an PSA:74 2019 audit covering your company’s management systems, including tax clearance, insurances, references, screening of individuals, I.D. cards, etc. We will then look at your paperwork concerning your clients and conduct the necessary site visits.

On completion and compliance to the standard Stellar will award your certificates of compliance and your full license will be issuedby the PSA.