PSA 28:2013 Door Supervisors (Licensed Premises) & Security Guard (Static) Contractors

PSA 28:2013 Door Supervisor (Licensed Premises) and Security Guard (Static) is the standard that covers Manned Guarding, Static Guarding & Door Security.
If you are a new entrant into the Security Industry as a Security Contractor and wish to get a PSA 28 licence, there is a two phased approach which must be adopted. Phase 1 is set out in PSA 31:2019. Compliance to this standard will be audited by the PSA Inspectorate. Upon successful completion of the PSA 31 process, applicants must engage the services of a PSA approved certification body, such as Stellar, to audit for compliance to PSA 28.
Once you have completed the PSA 31 process you will have 6 months from the date that your licence issues to achieve full compliance with PSA 28:2013. You may advertise and get business, and within that 6-month time frame you are required to undergo a full PSA 28:2013 audit. A site visit is required for all PSA 28:2013 audits.

Stellar’s fees for its auditing & certification service are competitive and we are flexible with payment methods. We can tailor a payment plan to suit your needs. Details are available on request.