Access Control – PSA 67 : 2021 – Licensing Requirements for Electronic Security

The standard for Access Control is PSA 67: 2021. In addition, contractors in this sector are required to be compliant with PSA:74 2019 – licensing requirements for security services providers.

When you sign a contract with Stellar, we will inform the PSA that you are one of our clients. Stellar’s fees for its auditing & certification service are competitive and we are flexible with payment methods. We can tailor a payment plan to suit your needs. Details are available on request. The PSA charges for the first two years are, provided you are a new business, €1,000 and thereafter €1,250 per two year cycle up to and including a turnover of €300,000.  If you are an existing licence holder the charges are €1,250 for each 2 year cycle up to the € 300,000 turnover.  To get a list of charges for the PSA for turnovers exceeding €300,000, please refer to the PSA web site at  At  present all licences within the PSA suite of standards cover a two year cycle.

Stellar  will provide you with suggested paperwork that may be of some help to you in preparing for your audit.  Any other queries please call us and a trained member of staff will guide you through the whole process from start to finish.

Stellar will carry out an audit which will comprise of a PSA:74 2019 audit covering your company’s management systems, including tax clearance, insurances, references, screening of individuals, I.D. cards, etc. We will then look at your paperwork concerning your clients for the Access Control system and conduct the necessary site visits.

On completion and compliance to the standard Stellar will award your certificates of compliance, you can then apply to the PSA for your licence, and once everything is in order with your application, your full licence will be issued by the PSA.

Access Control is defined in PSA 67 : 2021

The control or recording of access by persons or vehicles to or within premises by means of-

(a) Personal identity verification, including by means of biometrics

(b) Vehicle identification

(c) Numerical codes

(d) Alphabetical codes

(e) Access or other card management

(f) Electronic key management

or any combination of such means.

Licensable activity includes the installation, maintenance, repair and servicing of all hardware, software (including programming), access control media, locks, door operators and closers, intercom systems or other components that form part of the access control system. Access control media includes card, fob, numerical or digital keypad, biometrics, electronic key, remote control, mobile phone or other remote device whether installed in a domestic or commercial setting.

What’s not licensable?

  • a stand-alone door which has no recording system and is not part of a multi-point access system installed in a domestic or commercial setting,
  • any system in a domestic setting installed by the householder,
  • any gate, whose height is 1.5 metres or less from the ground, installed in a domestic setting,
  • mechanical key systems and mechanical digital locks.

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