Welcome to Stellar Certification Services

Who We Are

Stellar Certification Services Limited is an Irish registered company, dedicated to providing the most effective and cost efficient compliance certification – within every market we enter. We recognise at Stellar that we have a unique common purpose with all of our clients. Clients wish to secure independent certification which furthers their business wants and needs, at a price which reflects current market reality and is underpinned by integrity, impartiality and reliability.

Stellar pledges to deliver on all three and  undertook a rigorous and objective accreditation process with the Irish National Accreditation Board (INAB) which resulted in Stellar being accredited by INAB to I.S. EN ISO / IEC 17065 : 2012 (Requirements for bodies certifying products, processes and services.)

What We Do

We provide clients with an end to end package, from initial assessment to certification, along with ongoing audits of your system. We satisfy a wide range of client needs, typically arranging certification in the following BS, EN, ISO and PSA standards:

Private Security Authority (PSA) Suite of Standards

  • PSA 28: 2013 (Door Supervision & Security Guarding)
  • PSA 39: 2014 (Licensing Requirements – Event Security Door Supervision & Security Guarding Contractors)
  • EN 50131 (Alarm Installation-Intruder Alarm & Hold Up Systems)
  • PSA 67: 2021 – Licensing Requirements for Electronic Security (Access Control)
  • PSA 2006_12 (CCTV)
  • PSA 74: 2019 (Standard for the licencing of Security Service Providers)
  • PSA 42: 2015 (Private Investigators)
  • PSA 33: 2014 (CCTV Monitoring & Alarm Monitoring Centres)
  • PSA 55:2016 (Locksmiths)

International Standards (ISO)

  • ISO 9001 – 2008 (Quality Assurance)
  • ISO 14001 – 2004 (Environmental Management system)
  • OHSAS 18001 – 2007 (Health and Safety Management System)
  • ISO 27001 – 2013  (Information Security Assurance)

Other Standards

  • IS 3218 Fire Detection & Alarm Systems

How We Do It

Initially, should you request us to do so, we will explain the requirements of your chosen standard(s). We will send you on the relevant contracts & on the return of the signed contracts, we will send you the necessary checksheets, to aid in your audit preparation.
We can also provide some paperwork templates that you may need to fulfill the requirements of the audit.

Once ready, one of our expert auditors will visit your company, undertake a full certification audit, and produce an audit report. If you are deficient in any aspects, you will be given time to correct non-conforming areas. Once we are satisfied that remedial actions meet the standard, Stellar will formally issue your certificate of compliance.

We will return and audit your system annually and, should you continue to meet the requirements of the standard, we will re issue a certificate prior to the anniversary of expiry.

All of our audit team has extensive experience and expertise in their specialist area. Because we, ourselves, are audited annually by INAB, we understand the need to proceed with empathy, sensitivity and objectivity.

All of our audit team are trained to act with:

  1. Approachability
  2. Confidentiality
  3. Integrity
  4. Impartiality

Non-discriminatory Provisions.

Stellar’s services are administered in a non-discriminatory manner and are available equally to all organisations and individuals who qualify under the provisions of the relevant standard. Our procedures are not used to impede or inhibit access by applicants, other than as provided for in the appropriate standard.

Access to Stellar’s certification process is not conditional upon the size of the client or membership of any association or group, and certification is not conditional upon the number of certifications already issued.

Stellar confines its requirements, evaluation, review, decision, and surveillance to those matters specifically related to the scope of certification.

What Standards Do For You

Progressively, the market place has tightened. Winning contracts, securing tenders, gaining a competitive advantage and, simply, differentiating your product or service, requires thought and innovation.

You know that you provide good products and/or excellent services. The question increasingly is:

‘How do you prove it’?

There is a huge difference between internal systems control and outward-facing client assurance. Clients increasingly require ‘proof not truth’. Moreover, independent proof.

Certification across all of our offered standards, together with independently audited compliance, helps your business to:

  •     Say what you do
  •     Do what you say
  •     And prove it