PSA 28:2013 Door Supervisors (Licensed Premises) & Security Guard (Static) Contractors

PSA 28:2013 Door Supervisors (Licensed Premises) and Security Guard (Static) has replaced I.S. 999 Manned Guarding Services and covers Manned Guarding, Static Guarding & Door Security.

Please note that existing licensed contractors will be required to comply with PSA 28:2013 at their first audit after the 1st May 2014. New licence holders will be required to comply with the document at their first full audit.

If you are a new entrant into the Security Industry as a Security Contractor and wish to get a PSA 28:2013 licence there is a two phased approach which must be adopted. Phase 1 is set out in  PSA 31:2014 and this must take place before your main audit takes place. This includes an office audit which means that we see the office you will be working from, and a desk audit which comprises of your prepared paperwork.  N.B. an office may be in your own private residence provided it is secure and alarmed.

When  you sign a contract with Stellar we will then inform the PSA that you are one of our clients. We will carry out a Phase 1 audit (PSA 31:2014) for you at a cost of €450.00 plus Vat @ 23% which comes to a total of €553.50. However if you wish, the Private Security Authority (PSA) will do a Phase 1 audit free of charge.  To do this you apply to the PSA, and on compliance to the Phase 1 audit you will be awarded a Phase 1 Certificate of Compliance to the standard, from Stellar at a cost of €25 & VAT & P&P. You may not advertise your company on the market place, or do any work pertaining to the standard, until you have the Phase 1 Certificate of Compliance completed.

On receipt of your Phase 1 certification you are then allowed 6 months to advertise and get business, and within that 6 month time frame you are required to undergo a full PSA 28:2013 audit.  The cost of this, will be €1,900 + Vat @23%  which comes to a total of  €2,237.00.  Please note this charge covers the period of the certification, which is two years, and includes a Surveillance audit 12 months after the initial certification audit.  We look for a non-refundable deposit of €100 on signing the contract and this amount will be deducted from the overall amount. The next payment is due on the date of the first audit and a monthly payment over a 13 month period, usually. However we are happy to accept payment terms suited to your circumstances.  A site visit is required for all PSA 28:2013 audits with the exception of a Phase 1 audit.

Where a Company holds both PSA 28:2013 Door Supervisor (Licensed Premises) and Security Guard (Static) & PSA 39:2014 Door Supervisor (Event Security) And Security Guard (Event Security), our fee for Certification for both standards is €2,200 plus VAT @23%, which comes to a total of €2,706.00.

A copy of the new standard  and information regarding  the differences between it and the I.S. 999  may be obtained on the PSA web site,