PSA 39:2014 Door Supervisor (Event Security) & Security Guard (Event Security)

PSA 39:2014 Door Supervisor (Event Security) and Security Guard (Event Security) is the standard that covers Event Security.
If you are a new entrant into the Security Industry as a Security Contractor and wish to get a PSA 39 licence, there is a two phased approach which must be adopted. Phase 1 is set out in PSA 31:2019. Since September 1st, 2019 compliance to this standard will be audited by the PSA Inspectorate. Upon successful completion of the PSA 31 process, applicants must engage the services of a PSA approved certification body, such as Stellar, to audit for compliance to PSA 39.
Once you have completed the PSA 31 process you will have 6 months from the date that your licence issues to achieve full compliance with PSA 39:2014. You may advertise and get business, and within that 6-month time frame you are required to undergo a full PSA 39:2014 audit. A site visit is required for all PSA 39:2014 audits.
The fee will be €950 per year, or a total of €1,900 + Vat @23% which comes to a total of €2,237.00. Please note this charge covers the period of the certification, which is two years, and includes a Surveillance audit 12 months after the initial certification audit. We look for a non-refundable deposit of €100 on signing the contract and this amount will be deducted from the overall amount. The next payment is due on the date of the first audit followed by monthly payments over a 13-month period. However, we are happy to accept payment terms suited to your circumstances.
Where a Company holds both PSA 28:2013 Door Supervisor (Licensed Premises) and Security Guard (Static) & PSA 39:2014 Door Supervisor (Event Security) And Security Guard (Event Security), our fee for Certification for both standards is €1,100 per year, or €2,200 plus VAT @23%, which comes to a total of €2,706.00, for the 2-year audit cycle.
A copy of the standards may be obtained on the PSA web site,